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 Blood City

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PostSubject: Blood City   Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:56 am

Where the streets run red...

I will devour you
Take all the pain away
I cannot stay my hand
From reaching out so that I can
Empower you
For all eternity

As darkness grips the world in passion, war, and intrigue, there is but one hope to survival: don't let yourself fall victim to what dwells in the shadows. Choose your character's race and stalk the streets, surrounded by a raging battle that has been going on for thousands of years. An eternal war concealed by the darkness in Blood City.

An original, modern day world setting where you can play a member of the Blood: either a Vampire, Shifter, or Mage. In a city with over five million people, a dark masquerade is being played out by the world's most deadly of creatures. Vampires, with their eternal blood lust; Shifters with the ability to change into animals and stalk the night; Mages who can control magic - the city streets have never been more deadly. But there is a danger even more deadly and terrifying than the Blood, creatures who were once human who have become Converts, and now must drink Blood to survive. Play a Hunter, an Aristocrat, a Warrior, a Blood Slave - find your place in the world of darkness.

Mature Writers and Gamers 18+ only, please!
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Blood City
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