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 Sinful Ties

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PostSubject: Sinful Ties   Mon Nov 22, 2010 6:40 am

Shifters (Humans which turn into animals)
Animal were's (Animals that turn to human)
Gifted humans
Witches, Druids and magic users
Fallen Angels
And of course...the humans.

It has been two years since Vampires and Shapeshifters have gained legal status in the UK.

Two years since the Government supposedly shut down their labs for genetic testing on preternatural creatures.

Two long years, where preternatural creatures have been forced to live by human law.

Welcome to Yeovil, UK, where missing person flyers litter the main streets and tensions lay high. Now that the monsters have made themselves known, who better to blame for the disappearances of loved ones? Prejudice against preternatural creatures runs high, despite the laws intended to give them rights as proper citizens.

For a human, assaulting another being results with a slap on the hand, a fine and perhaps some jail time. For a shifter or a vampire? It equates to a death sentence. Human laws must be followed at all costs. Then again, what the humans don't know can't harm them...

Sinful Ties has been open since 2008 and is aimed at a mature audience. It contains strong violent and sexual themes and is not suitable for RPers under the age of 16.
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Sinful Ties
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