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 Resident Evil RPG

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SOS : If anyone is still out there alive, let us help you.
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Occupation : Kendo Captain/bartender/band singer.

Vehicle : None
Health: Alive
Back Pack: glock(1), bokken blade, first aid kits(2), a small bottle of TB medication

PostSubject: Resident Evil RPG   Mon Dec 06, 2010 2:34 am

In 1998, an incident in Arklay Mountains sending a virus throughout Raccoon City, having the government and Umbrella forced in destroying it completely, then there was the incident at Rockfort Island where Alexia Ashford's new found power was born, it also effected those in Europe as well creating a new entire virus, taking control of the user while they're living. Now it is in Africa, where the not only the virus takes over the human body while still alive, it also makes them faster, stronger and much more deadly. Wesker is somehow behind all of this, his next step? Undetermine, not only that new groups are starting to arise from this incident, which side are you on? The living? Or the dead?
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Resident Evil RPG
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