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 RP Rules

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Raven Torres

SOS : Is anyone else alive out there?
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PostSubject: RP Rules   Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:59 pm

Here are some rules for the role play in general.

1. User Name
Please register using your characters name in the role play, or your nickname, one which you wish to be called.

1.1 Changing user name
Changing it is allowed, you don't even need to request it, just make sure that you dont abuse it, and abide by the rule above.

2. Multiple Accounts & Characters
There can be a total of two characters per account, but you have a choice on weather to follow that or not.

You have the freedom to create as many accounts as you like, just along as it abides by the user name rules and that you will use it for a said character. If you abandon it deciding that one account is easier, then we will delete it.

Per user, there's no limit in how many characters you can create.

3. Character Appearances
Since ME is a real people RP please use real people and not anime images for your appearances. This is because were trying to make the RP as realistic as possible, and to do that we cant approve anime images.

3.1 Faceclaims

For face claims also, if your characters appearance is already approved, you cant change it in the middle of the game, one face for one account and or character.

3.2 Real People

Please don't use real people, real people biographies and the such, i dont want any trouble, you see, you can use there faces, yes, but not something too personal as there real life stories and all that.

4. Deaths
You have the power over your characters death, if they die, they can become one of the zombie types or just dead. If your characters Die, they cant be human or alive again. Please think of it really hard before you decide to kill your character off.

5. Traveling, Posting, Items and generalities
It may be hard, but try not to post on more than one place unless you leave a certain area, this is because in real life you cant be at two places at once. When going to a different place, or starting a different thread within the same area, please make a leave from the current thread/forum your in and then do so go anywhere as you wish.

Another thing is items, please try to make sure that the items you use are within reach of your character or that you already have them upon being approved. For example, your at the at the coffee shop, finding a chainsaw lying around is just plain ridiculous.

To make it fun, enjoy the apocalypse around you, either run, fear for your life, kick some zombie butt, or try to make an escape towards somewhere else. Your Journey as you go is all up to you.

Cars - You can steal cars all over the place, but gas is not unlimited.

Guns - You can somewhat find guns along the way, but remember that bullets are not unlimited either.

Survival - In survival food, is important, so make sure to stock up before a travel. Your character can die of starvation and or dehydration. To be healthy, your character should eat about twice a day. Not eating can affect your zombie slaying and or help searching.

Bullets - In Your exile, your number of bullets is your currency, you can buy it using your post earnings called Exile Points. you will have 500 bullets for starter points, it will be hard to get stuff without bullets.

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SOS : If anyone is still out there alive, let us help you.
Bullets : 500
Exile Points : 87
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Occupation : Kendo Captain/bartender/band singer.

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PostSubject: Re: RP Rules   Sun Aug 07, 2011 12:24 pm

6. No Mary or Gary Sues

There is no such thing as a perfect character, come on guys not even the dang dong zombies are perfect.

7. Approved before rping

Your character must be approved before you can rp...it's just a rule that must be abide thank you.
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RP Rules
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