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 Inventory Item Rules

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Raven Torres

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PostSubject: Inventory Item Rules   Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:57 pm

Okay, so i've added an Inventory for all of us. In this thread i will explain the rules regarding them.

You can activate your inventory through your profile then look for Inventory. There you can activate it.

Once you did, it will show you the ff.

  • Vehicle

    This is basically your current vehicle used, it can be anything you like, just so long as you pick it up in the devastated world. But do remember its limits, You cant be the perfect driver in a damaged world, especially when your on a constant battle for your life.

    Another factor is gas, gas is not unlimited, and if you run out, you could choose to abandon the vehicle and get a new one, if there is one available.

    Picking up a vehicle, you should also consider key's. Without knowledge of starting a car without a key, you cant use the cars just as instantly. Make sure your well equipped for stealing cars as well. It has something to do with wires, you need to cut it with something, you cant just use your nails to do those things.

    Even if your character doesn't have knowledge in driving cars, in times of calamity, everything can be learned. Trial and error, good luck in the exiled world.

  • Health
    Your health is your life, and like inventory items, you need to bring your self to places, and without proper nutrition and rest, you wont last too long. Make sure to take care of your character.

    there are 5 health conditions. I trust you well in picking your characters health, after all they are yours, but it should change, cant be stagnant unless your dead or just hiding till rescue.

    Here are the 5 conditions.

    1. Very Healthy
    2. Healthy
    3. Good
    4. Not so good
    5. Bad

    The 6th Condition is dead, being dead you could either be one of the zombie types or just dead.

  • Back Pack
    Back pack can contain 10 items, this items are the ones that you can carry around with you wherever you go. The first bunch of 10 items are approved by the RP moderators, but as for the rest you pick up along the way, its all up to you.

    Do take note that items have limits, if its too over used, there are tendencies of breakage. For food, if its cooked, there's a high possibility of passe, eat it while you can, eating passe food can cause food poisoning.

    If you use one item, say a food item, you cant use it again, depending on the amount you have. Food items and health items, has a maximum of 5 per kind (Which will not add to your back pack, it will only count as one.)

  • Vehicle Inventory
    Vehicle Inventory stands for items you have with you on your Vehicle. The number of items you can store(considering sizes and amount) depends on your vehicle of choice. I think your all smart enough to decipher weather an item is too big for something.

    Here's the variation.


    S- Small
    M- Medium
    L - Large

    Bike (Any kind) - 3 items

    Scooter - 4 items
    Motor Cycle S - 5 items
    Motor Cycle M - 6 items
    Motor Cycle L - 7 items

    Car S - 20 items
    Car M - 25 items
    Car L - 30 items

    Jeep - 35

    Pick up truck S - 40 items
    Pick up truck M - 45 items
    Pick up truck L - 50 items

    Truck S - 200 items
    Truck M - 250 items
    Truck L - 300 items

    Bus S - 200 items
    Bus M - 250 Items
    Bus L - 300 items

    Vehicle Inventory are ones you can bring with you, for extra items, but even just laying there, items will expire through either weather, travel or anything of the sort. You can park a car and leave it as is, but some other people may take your items with them, its not as safe as bringing it.

    If a car explodes, you cant save the items stored inside it. If its stolen, you cant retrieve it either. Your vehicle is your responsibility, place and leave items as you please. Take them move them use them, its all up to you. Its only advised for traveling. Not for storing.

  • Home Inventory
    Home inventory, is safe inventory, this is like your home base inventory, you can leave it there, no one can touch it, you can store items here, but, unlike back pack and Vehicle inventory, this inventory is based one place only, choose wisely where you want it.

    Home inventory has unlimited slots, you can have as many items here as you like, but to gain access, you must return to your home spot of choice. You can request to move it for the price of 200 exile points.

    Just PM me, or any of the other moderators.
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Inventory Item Rules
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