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Raven Torres

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PostSubject: Seattle News Network   Sat Jul 24, 2010 8:30 pm

News could be either tragedy or joy. but one such occupation has to tell the world about it, no matter how bizarre it is.

Day 1, July 16 , 12:00am, Seattle : Breaking News

"We interrupt this program for breaking news, explosions all around the Amber Ville area have been reported by some of our sources, the fire and police department are taking care of the situation, so everyone should stop panicking.

However the police had blocked the way in and out of Amber Ville until the situation is cleared, so those of you who wish to enter the area, should just head back cause the gas will cost you. In other news!!! -end-"

Day 1, July 16 , 12:15am, Seattle : Sewer line

"More about the explosion on Amberville, it appears to be one of the Blackwood corps tunnels had a gas causing a huge explosion around the area, but the good thing is that no one got hurt. The Blackwood CEO said that they will cover all casualties a few minutes ago.

'Something caused our gas line to leak causing this explosion, but we will cover all the collateral damage.'

With just those he left the press which immediately stormed his Hotel. -- end -- "

Day 1, July 16 , 12:20am, Seattle : Continuous explosions

"Breaking news, for all of you who live in Amberville a full scale evacuation is being done by the government and BWC at the same time, it would appear that the explosions could not be contained and that BWC insists that a full evacuation to the area be done until further notice. It is adviced that you stay in your houses until rescues come, i repeat, stay in your houses, don't panic, rescue will come.

For those who are near the exit of town, proceed to the evacuation areas immediately. --end--"

Day 1, July 16 , 12:30am, Seattle : Dont go out

"To everyone who is watching this now, I've just received word that theirs been an outbreak of something in Amberville, people seem to have gone mad, they bite and eat each other as if Zombies, i know this is hard to believe, but please don't go out, Rescue will come, and..... --end--"
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