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 Half Assed Guide

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Raven Torres

SOS : Is anyone else alive out there?
Bullets : 500
Exile Points : 133
Location : Nowhere Seattle
Occupation : Bartender/Musician

Vehicle : Hareley '05 SG
Health: Good
Back Pack: Electric Guitar, Keys, hand dagger, a pack of gum, change of clothes, sandwiches

PostSubject: Half Assed Guide   Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:25 am

Here's a gameplay guidebook, tips and tips and some other stupid stuff.

1. TIME & Day

In my exile, time and day is very important, make sure to always note the them in your post. You dont have to note it in every post, but maybe every after 3-5 posts, it will be cool.

2. Skipping to the future

In ME, you can move along the future say 2-5 hours passed, just as long as you finish all the previous threads you are in. (if that made any sense)

3. Theirs no 3 yet.
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Alex Clarke


SOS : If I turn into one of them...kill me.
Bullets : 500
Exile Points : 57
Location : Blackwood Hotel
Occupation : Pharmacist

Vehicle :
Health: Very Healthy
Back Pack: Semi-automatic pistol, bullets, a packet of dried nuts (one packet), phone (with bluetooth ear piece), change of clothes, some drugs (Advil + painkillers), water.

PostSubject: Re: Half Assed Guide   Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:16 pm

No, not really.
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Half Assed Guide
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